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I am a Product Manager with a background in Software Development. I focus on building high-quality digital products that people love to use. I work with Designers, Software Developers and Marketing teams to convert ideas into MVPs.

I am a Web Developer with 8+ years of experience building websites and 10+ years of experience in entrepreneurship. I have built products from the ground up and helped with go-to-market strategies for more than 10+ clients. My process involved continuous engagement and understanding of the business needs.


To help small businesses grow their business by leveraging tools and technologies on the internet.


To create a world where every business, organization and individual has a digital identity.


Building a company can be very tiring. Years of experience have helped me realize the importance of staying organized and setting up strategies to ensure project success. Before starting any project, I like to define a roadmap and then execute based on this road map. As I love to stick to our deadlines, I want to keep track of the project at every step and ensure complete transparency.


As an organized company, I believe in creating roadmaps to ensure project success. The road mapping process has four simple steps.

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Create Personas
  • Project Scoping
  • Project Kickoff

At every step, I guarantee results and guide you on how using technology can benefit your business. My goal is to help you build an MVP and move you into a growth stage by building scalable technology. Usually, in the brainstorming and project scoping phases, I am here to help you figure out the best path for your product to be viable in today's vast market. As product/project manager, I will work closely with you to meet your goals. After scoping and requirements gathering, I will provide you with a detailed cost breakdown. If everything looks good, we are ready to begin the project.

MK Consulting

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