Who We Are

LocalOps is Canada's fastest-growing network of verified Service Providers built on trust. We are a marketplace to help Canadians access various services from Accounting to Window Installations. Our focus is to help people find trusted, verified and professional service providers within their local community.

How it began

During the pandemic, we found that many small businesses struggled to grow digitally. As tech enthusiasts we pondered over many possible solutions and came up with an idea to create a marketplace for trusted local businesses in Ottawa. Our philosophy was to help them reach more customers and increase their profits while helping retain those businesses in the communities they belong.

LocalOps's home is in Kanata, Ontario - backyard of Canada's most prominent tech park.

How it works

LocalOps focuses on adding crowd-sourced businesses who have already built a reputation for excellent work. Trusted businesses and customers register on the marketplace to offer and receive services at affordable rates. Customers leave reviews and feedback for businesses and vice-versa. We provide support services to businesses to attract, engage, and grow customer base.

Our Vision

Create a self sufficient, self promoting and self relying ecosystem of businesses, customers and community across the world to make our everyday lives better

Our Mission

Help - local businesses grow, customers get value for their money, and enable the community to create a thriving lifestyle.

Our Thesis

We believe that businesses, customers, and communities are interconnected. In today’s globalized world of convenience, experience, and resilience we chart a path to help communities attract and retain local businesses. We enable businesses to continue providing easily accessible, affordable, and customizable solutions to everyday needs of the people.